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I am a little bit complicated, but it doesn’t mean I complicate the things. I try to keep things simple, so everyone can live peacefully. But, I am responsible as well. I always do what should be done. I complete my tasks at work and innovate new ideas.The thing is I like to teach English to kids. It is fun to create some board games, give a fun class and demand when it is necessary. But, the schools only want to hire me as a full -time teacher. I don’t mind if my job is only a full-time teacher. But, I do other things. I have to get involved with the Chinese classes because I work at a cram school. I have to pick t up the students, watch their safety, prepare them for regular school tests, GEPT, and baby-sit them. Not mentioning when kids vomit or cry desesperately for little bullshit.

I don’t say I hate to do do those things. I hate the time consuming and the management. If I could only work as a part-time teacher. I would definitely invest the rest of my time in online sales, writing and Art. Yes, I love to draw. I guess it is another strength I have. I wish I was born in 70’s, so I would work for Hallmark, American Greetings or Disney. Why would I choose 70’s? Because the cartoons and the creations from those Companies were not crap like nowadays. This also applies to Lisa Frank. This post is not supposed to be long. I am here sitting with my huge butt and a slow computer at midnight after a long day at work. I guess I need to sleep.


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