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This blog is about me , myself, my interests, and interesting people. I write about my perceptive in the world, my activities, struggles, daily self, ideas (if I dare to say I have any), art appreciation, hobbies, things I like, people’s works, etc

Things I like: Rock music, horror movies, recycling, sushis,  cooking, going to parks, Taiwanese snacks, environmental science, Art, crafts, zoombies, pasta, photography, reading,  pets,  babies,  dinossaurs, robot, technology, soup, teas, pizza, night street markets, organic food, deli sandwiches, farm markets, chinese writings  and kawaii.

Things I wanna do: skydiving, scuba diving in Kenting or Palau Islands, grow fruits and vegetables (I don’t have a yard, I am thinking to move to an apartment with balcony ), and meeting interesting people

Things I turn down: Arrogant people and smoking

Copyright restricted: All my pictures and contents belong to my blog. Some materials are used under original owner’s permission. Please, do not use any of my material without my permission.



  1. Hi there- Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is cool! 😀

  2. awesome work…following you 🙂

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