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I am a little bit complicated, but it doesn’t mean I complicate the things. I try to keep things simple, so everyone can live peacefully. But, I am responsible as well. I always do what should be done. I complete my tasks at work and innovate new ideas.The thing is I like to teach English to kids. It is fun to create some board games, give a fun class and demand when it is necessary. But, the schools only want to hire me as a full -time teacher. I don’t mind if my job is only a full-time teacher. But, I do other things. I have to get involved with the Chinese classes because I work at a cram school. I have to pick t up the students, watch their safety, prepare them for regular school tests, GEPT, and baby-sit them. Not mentioning when kids vomit or cry desesperately for little bullshit.

I don’t say I hate to do do those things. I hate the time consuming and the management. If I could only work as a part-time teacher. I would definitely invest the rest of my time in online sales, writing and Art. Yes, I love to draw. I guess it is another strength I have. I wish I was born in 70’s, so I would work for Hallmark, American Greetings or Disney. Why would I choose 70’s? Because the cartoons and the creations from those Companies were not crap like nowadays. This also applies to Lisa Frank. This post is not supposed to be long. I am here sitting with my huge butt and a slow computer at midnight after a long day at work. I guess I need to sleep.


She is back, not for joke this time. It has been  more than a year after she vanished. She had a normal life according to the society’s standards. She works, makes money and sleeps. Nothing has changed at all. She still does the same things. But, she didn’t write for a while. This was killing her soul. She knows she can’t live without it. It is the only job she can do without thinking about the money. She is a queen and a vagabond. She plays with God and Devil at the same time. She is passionate.  She causes anger everywhere, because people don’t understand. She is not frustrated anyway. She knows she can do it, and she will do it.